Discover Sabadell

City pioneered the industrial revolution in Catalonia in the textile sector. Throughout the decades, Sabadell has been diversifying around the services sector. It is the capital of Western Vallès with Terrace.

Sabadell sets out to assume the challenges of the future with a number of projects that refer to new information and communications technology. Digital Gran Vía, aims to encourage the establishment of companies linked to new technologies; the Park of Salut will be a macrocentro training and research on issues of medicine and pharmacy; the “City of Music” will offer new facilities to the city, as a place for holding conferences, a new theater, a new school of music and a new hotel.

This is a well connected city. Railway has, Renfe L4 and numerous bus lines, in addition to its airport.

The evolution of the city improves per moments from the twentieth century. It has met famous people and buildings built with names like Dr. Crusafont, name given to a museum and paleontological laboratory. It is in this museum where the remains of a new species of primate known as Pau was analyzed.

The cultural activity of the city of Sabadell is varied. There is a wide range of interesting museums such as the Paleontological Institute Dr. Miquel Crusafont, the Sabadell Art Museum or the Sabadell History Museum among others.

They are also known its festivals held the weekend after the first Friday in September. All neighborhoods in Sabadell have their own festival.